Agriculture, Blue Economy, Livestock & Cooperative Development


The committee will oversight on:


  • Formulation, implementation and monitoring of agricultural legislations, regulations and policies in Embu County.
  • Monitor and promote standards including good Agricultural practices
  • Provision of agricultural extension services
  • Promote value addition and farming agribusiness in Embu County
  • Supporting agricultural technology development and dissemination.
  • Development, implementation and co-ordination of agricultural programmes in the County
  • Regulating and quality control of inputs, produce and products from the Agriculture
  • Management and control of pests and diseases in crops
  • Promote management and conservation of the natural resource base
  • Collecting, maintaining and managing information on agriculture in the County
  • Training of farmers through ATC Embu
  • Agricultural Mechanization services
  • Mainstreaming cross cutting issues and climate change mitigation and adoption in Agriculture


  • Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Anima1 health related policies, Strategies, and Legal Framework.
  • Management, control and eradication of animal diseases and pests including zoo noses in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Laboratory diagnostic services and disease surveillance
  • Provision and facilitation of extension services in animal health, welfare and production.
  • Development and co-ordination of projects and programs in anima1 health sect
  • Information management for the animal health
  • Veterinary regulatory management and quality control of inputs, livestock,

Livestock products and byproducts.

  • Veterinary Public
  • Management and conservation of the animal genetic resource base and biodiversity.
  • Promote the development of livestock and livestock product based industries for rural development.

Livestock production

  • Formulate County livestock policies and programmes and implement specific national policies, programmes and agreements
  • Promote livestock production including emerging livestock species
  • Provide advisory services in animal husbandry and community mobilization for livestock development
  • collaborate and liaise with mandated research centres and set County livestock production research agendas
  • Develop and implement relevant guidelines on animal and forage genetic resource Conservation
  • Manage livestock production information in the County
  • Enforce national standards and promote development of County livestock production Standards
  • Develop disaster preparedness, management and mitigation strategies in livestock production in the County
  • Enforce County legislation on land use for livestock production and promote sustainable use of natural resources for livestock development
  • Promote commercially oriented livestock production and value addition in the County
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation of livestock production based programs and projects
  • Livestock identification, registration and performance evaluation
  • Mainstreaming climate change and adaptation strategies in livestock production.
  • Mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues (gender, HIV I AIDS, drugs and substance abuse) in livestock production


  • Providing an enabling environment for the development of the fisheries in the County
  • Promoting sustainable utilization of inland and aqua-capture fisheries
  • Enhancing aquaculture production
  • Enhancing fish safety, quality assurance, value addition and marketing
  • Improving service delivery

The committee has produced the following reports:


1)        Hon. Maurice Macharia Chairperson
2)        Hon. Duncan Mbui v/Chairperson
3)        Hon. Peter Muriithi Nyaga Member
4)        Hon. Paul Muchangi Member
5)        Hon. Susan Wairimu Member
6)        Hon. Jimiah Jeniffer Member
7)        Hon. Maureen Kagendo Member

Second Assembly committee produced the following reports:


Hon. Elizabeth Ndeleve Kibai Chairperson
Hon. Martin Kimani Mwangi V/Chairperson
Hon. Agnes Wanjiru Gakungugu Member
Hon Benard Nyaga Kandia Member
Hon John Gichovi Gatumu Member
Hon. Patrick Njeru Mukavi Member
Hon. Sicily Warue Mbugi Member