The County Assembly Service Board

The County Assembly Service Board of Embu (CASBE) is established pursuant to section 12 (1) of the County Governments Act 2012 as a body corporate with perpetual succession. It has four members: Hon. Speaker of the Assembly as the chairperson; Leader of Majority as the vice-chairperson and Leader of Minority and one person resident in the county appointed by the county assembly from among persons who have knowledge and experience in public affairs, but who is not a member of the County Assembly.  The Clerk to the Assembly is the Secretary to the Board.

The statutory mandate and responsibilities of the Board include:-

  1. Providing services and facilities to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the County Assembly;
  2. Constituting offices in the County Assembly service and appointing and supervising office holders;
  3. Preparing annual estimates of expenditure of the County Assembly services and submitting them to the County Assembly for approval and exercising budgetary control over the service;
  4. Undertaking, singly or jointly with other relevant organizations, programs to promote the ideals of parliamentary democracy;
  5. Performing other functions necessary for the well-being of the members and staff of the County Assembly or prescribed by the national legislation.

Clerk and Staff of County Assembly

Section 13 of the County Governments Act provides that there shall be a Clerk to the County Assembly appointed by CASB with the approval of the County Assembly. The offices of the Clerk and members of staff are offices in the County Assembly Service.

Roles of the Speaker in the Service Board

  • Determining agenda for the board meeting in consultation    with the board secretary;
  • Presiding over the meetings of the board;
  • Ensuring the board is functioning effectively;
  • Ensuring the board’s decisions are implemented;
  • Being the spokesperson for the board.
  • Roles of the Clerk as Secretary to the Board
  • Being the authorized officer and accounting officer
  • Preparing agenda in consultation with the chairperson
  • Recording and maintaining proceedings of the CASB
  • Conveying decisions of the CASB to concerned parties
  • Providing other secretariat services to the CASB