Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Assembly Business

County Assembly Service Board

The County Assembly Service Board of Embu (CASBE) is established pursuant to section 12 (1) of the County Governments Act 2012 as a body corporate with perpetual succession. It has four members: Hon. Speaker of the Assembly as the chairperson; Leader of Majority as the vice-chairperson and Leader of Minority and one person resident in […]

About The Assembly

Article 176 (Chapter Eleven) of the Constitution establishes County Governments consisting of a County Assembly and a County Executive. The Chapter further sets out the roles, functions and other matters relating to the membership and operations of the County Assembly. Section 8 of the County Governments Act provides that the County Assembly shall vet and […]

Assembly Commitment

Liquor Proprietors in Embu County

The Committee on Trade, Tourism,Investments & Industrialization led by its Chairman Hon. Julius Karuri (Kithimu Ward MCA) ,has been on a Three (3) days field visit to various Liquor Proprietors in Embu County to estasblish the state of liquor licensing ,harmonization of licenses , inspections and the challenges the proprietors are facing . The randomly […]

Stalled Ambulances

The County Assembly Committee on Implementation visited various hospitals and privately owned garages to establish the state of stalled ambulances and other utility vehicles. The Committee led by Muminji MCA Hon. Newton Kariuki discovered that some ambulances needed minor repairs, servicing, replacement of batteries and tyres while others had been vandalised beyond repair. Some of […]