Trade, Tourism And Industrial Development


The committee will oversight on:


  • Develop an integrated trade data information system.
  • Provide innovative business support services.
  • Enhance Accessibility to Business Information.
  • Facilitate Increased Access to Trade Finance through revitalization of Joint Loans Board Scheme.
  • Monitoring the impact and Review the implementation of trade related legislations and regulations.
  • Continuous engagement, information sharing and interaction between the National and County Governments on trade development issues.
  • Facilitate the improvement of supply chain efficiency in wholesale and retail sector
  • Provision of micro and small loans to existing traders through the joint loan board program.
  • Training on basic bookkeeping/ proper accounting, loan usage and repayment.
  • Availing information on  businesses  at strategically  situated  business information centres.


  • Coordination and facilitation of the management and control of county specific tourism activities.
  • Development of  partnerships  between county governments and other stakeholders in tourism matters.
  • Development of community-based tourism projects and programs.
  • Development of programs for attraction of tourism investments in the county.
  • Enforcement of the provisions of the Tourism Act and any other laws related to tourism in the county.
  • Rendering technical support to county based entities engaged in tourism activities and services.
  • Soliciting of funds for development of tourism activities in the county.
  • Sensitization of communities on conservation of tourism attraction.
  • Marketing of the county tourism in collaboration with Kenya Tourism Board (KTB).
  • Collection and compilation of tourism inf ormation and data in the county.
  • Co-ordination and maintenance of tourism products and facilities standards and quality management in liaison with industry stakeholders.


a)  Facilitation of Business and Entrepreneurship Development.

b)  Improvement of business environment.

c)  Support growth and development of wholesale and retail trade and markets.

d)  Implementation of national tourism policies, strategies and programs at county level.

e)  Development and implementation of tourism development plans.

The committee has produced the following reports:


1.         Hon. Julius Karuri Chairperson
2.        Hon. Masters L. Mwaniki v/Chairperson
3.        Hon. Peter Muriithi Member
4.        Hon. Johnson Muchangi Member
5.        Hon. Mary Kavinda Member
6.        Hon. Edwin Muriithi Member
7.        Hon. Ann Lilly Njiru Member

Second Assembly committee produced the following reports:

 Report of the Sectoral Committee on Trade, Tourism, Investment and Industiralization on the Public Petition to request re-building of the burnt Embu Municipal covered market (Old Marigiti) in Embu town


Hon. Masters Leonard Mwaniki Chairman
Hon. Margret Lorna Kariuki V/Chairperson
Hon. Paul Muchangi Njiru Member
Hon. Rose Ruguru Kinyua Member
Hon. Jane Ann Muthoni Muriithi Member
Hon. Morris Muchiri Nyaga Member
Hon. Philip Kinyutu Nzangi Member