Directorate of Legislative Procedures and Committee Services

 The Directorate of Legislative Procedures and Committee Services has the following Departments

  1. Committeee Services Department
  2. Legislative and Procedural services Department
  3. Hansard Department
  4. Serjeant-At-Arms Department

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities at this level will entail:-

 Planning and co-ordinating functions and operations of Departments within the Clerk’s Chambers, namely:  the Legislative, Procedural and the Table Office; The Committee Services;  Hansard; serjeant at arms.

  • Protocol and Conferences Office; County Assembly Organizations and Exchange Programs; Journals Office; and Administrative Duties;
  • Assist the Clerk in offering advice on procedure and practice to the Speaker, other Presiding Officers and Members of County Assembly, the Clerk and staff of the county Assembly.
  • Member, County Assembly Management and Staff advisory Committee.

Key Result Areas (Within Section)

  1. Procedure : County Assembly procedure, practice, conventions, tradition  and etiquette
  2. Research : Search for fresh information / facts by consulting appropriate sources like documents or persons
  3. Committees : Offering administrative services to various types of County Assembly committees including the CASB
  4. Conferences : Activities pertaining to seminars and conferences for members of County Assembly and staff
  5. Journals and publications; Managing county Assembly journals and publications; Coordination of computerization efforts in the County Assembly; media coverage etc
  6. Protocol: Public relations activities including school visits to the Assembly