The records unit is headed by a Records Management Officer. The unit’s functions entail;

  1. Ensuring the management of records in the County Assembly 0f Embu comply with the records standard operating procedure manual.
  2. Maintaining, implementation and updating of records classification system.
  3. Implementation of an effective and efficient record movement system.
  4. Ensuring safe custody and storage of records.
  5. Ensuring proper disposal of records in compliance to records management policies.

The key result areas in this unit are;

  1. Effective and Efficient Management of Records.
  2. Neat filing of records
  3. Smooth movement of records
  • Efficient storage and retrieval of records
  1. Prompt collection of mails
  2. Archiving of Records.
  3. Selection and classification of records for archiving
  4. Cataloguing of records for archiving
  • Secure and safe storage for archived records
  1. Disposal of Records.
  2. Making disposal decision as per to the prescribed laws, regulations and policies
  3. Developing and maintaining a disposal schedule
  • Destruction of records