Public Participation

Mandate of Public Participation Committee

 The committee derives its mandate from Section 20 (4) and Section 21(1) (a) to (k) of the Embu County Public Participation Act, 2015. The Act under Section 20 (4) provides that the Committee shall coordinate public participation in the Assembly.

Section 21(1) Provides that The Assembly Public Participation Committee shall be responsible for–

(a) Coordinating and moderating public participation activities and programs to ensure they are

      inclusive of the broad spectrum of the public;

(b) Co-ordinating and promoting co-operation between all participants in public participation;

(c) Ensuring that clear and reasonable timelines are established for public input and comment and

     that these timelines are communicated to public;

(d) Ensuring that the public participation device used is appropriate to the nature of a specific 

     Initiatives, issues involved and the target groups affected;

(e) Establishing a feedback process to the public including opportunities for the public to forward

    additional comments or input to the decision taken;

(f) Developing an evaluation framework to the public participation plan;

(g) Providing advice to the Assembly on managing public participation process;

(h) Preparing reports on public participation facilitated by assembly;

(i) Preparing annual report on Assembly public participation processes for consideration by the


(J) Developing networks and partnerships with key stakeholders for the purposes of enhancing

     public participation; and

(k) Carrying out any other function that may be assigned by the Assembly

The committee has produced the following reports:


1.         Hon. Susan Mwende Chairperson
2.        Hon. Muriithi Kiura v/Chairperson
3.        Hon. Julius Karuri Member
4.        Hon. Maureen Kagendo Member
5.        Hon. Johnson Muchangi Member
6.        Hon. Susan Wairimu Member
7.        Hon. Newton Kariuki Member

Second Assembly committee produced the following reports:

 Report on the Public Participation Forums held to consider the Embu County Finance Bill, 2019


1 Hon. Salesio Njeru Kimaru Member 0726557735
2 Hon Benard Nyaga Kandia V/Chairperson 0723512907
3 Hon. Martin Mwangi Kimani Chairperson 0713806538
4 Hon. Judy Mbuya Njue Member 0710348400
5 Hon. John Gichovi Gatumu Member 0727376032
6 Hon. Margaret Lorna Kariuki Member 0725700921
7 Hon. Duncan Ireri Mbui Member 0721549445