Legislative and procedural Services Department

Legislative and procedural department

This department is responsible for planning and coordinating the functions and operations of a section within the Clerk’s Chambers, namely; the Table Office, and procedural research.

It also handles Protocol and Conferences Office, County Assembly Organization and Exchange programs; Journals Office, Administrative and Financial Duties as well as offering advice on procedure and practice as well as Commonwealth Parliamentary traditions to the Speaker,other presiding offices and Members of the County Assembly.

Duties and Responsibilities

The department discharges the following duties and responsibilities;

  1. Preparation of the draft Assembly calendar for approval by the House
  2. Preparation ,processing and circulation of the Order paper and votes and proceedings of the Assembly
  3. Ensuring orderly and timely disposal of the agenda of Assembly as directed by the Assembly Rules and Business Committee.
  4. Ensuring orderly processing of business in the House.
  5. Provision of procedural advice to the to the Speaker, Other presiding offices and Members of the County Assembly on parliamentary procedures, traditions, practice, conventions and processes.
  6. Facilitating distributing of Bills, Reports and other Assembly documents/publications to MCAs, Staff and general public before consideration in the House.
  7. Ensuring timely transmission of Assembly resolutions to appropriate actors.
  8. Offering administrative and support services to select committees on matters of procedural or legislative nature.
  9. Providing linkage between the Assembly and other County Assembly Organization including Exchange programs.
  10. Drafting and marshalling publication of Bills, Motions, statements and petitions
  11. Keeping custody and archiving of all Assembly journals and records such as Votes and proceedings, Papers , statements sought ,petitions, messages and communications from the Chair on behalf of the Clerk
  12. Attending to Chambers duties during the House Sittings as Clerks at the Table.
  13. Drafting of considered ruling and Speaker’s communications.