Procurement Department


1.16   The Procurement  Department shall undertake the following functions:

a) Interpretation, implementation, and enforcement of public procurement law

b) Providing advice to the County Assembly on all matters relating to procurement.

c) Maintain and continuously update standing lists of registered tenderers required by the procuring entity through  continuous registration of eligible suppliers, and  suppliers on framework agreement

d) Prepare,  publish  and  distribute  procurement  and  disposal  opportunities      

e) Coordinate the receiving and opening of tender documents

f) Maintain  and   safeguard  procurement   and   disposal  documents  and   records  in accordance with the regulation

g) Issuing invitations for bids through quotations, restricted tendering or open tendering

h)  Prepare consolidated procurement and disposal plans

i) Coordinating  the  preparation  of  annual  procurement  plans  by  all  units  of  the  County Assembly.

j) Processing procurement requirements from user departments.

k) Preparing a specifications catalogue which will spell out, for the various categories of items, the County Assembly standards of quality to guide purchasing officers so that they are able to purchase only those products that meet recommended quality standards.

l) Preparing and processing tender documents and quotations in consultation with user and technical departments in compliance with procurement procedures.

m) Issuing invitations for bids through quotations restricted tendering or open tenderin

n) Facilitating the process of opening of tender/quotation bids in liaison with   and user departments.

o) Implementing the  decisions  of  the  Clerk of County Assembly  with  regard  to  Procurement including  giving  professional  opinion  and  maintaining  proper  records  of  such decisions.

p) Prepare contract documents in line with the award decision

q) Ordering, follow-up, or processing of goods delivery schedules to user departments and stores..

r) Performing market research and price survey on items and services required by  the  County Assembly.

s) Maintaining an up-to-date suppliers’ database

t) Preparing annual tender returns for use by management in overall planning