Fiscal Analysis Department

Functions of the Fiscal Analysis department

The core mandate of the Fiscal Analysis department is to bridge the financial information gap within the County Government by supporting the operations of the County Assembly and its Committees.

The department has two sections of analysis;

  • Expenditure and macroeconomic Analysis (County development/sectoral Plans, Estimates, CFSP, Appropriations bill)
  • Tax Analysis (Money bills, Finance bill, Revenue forecasting)

The Department discharges the following duties and responsibilities.

  • Analyzing budget proposals for the County Government;
  • Collecting and collating budget information from various sources;
  • Considering budget proposals for the County Government including the County Assembly on economic trends and make well thought out recommendations to the Budget and Appropriations Committee with respect to those proposals and trends;
  • Preparation of reports on budgetary projections and economic forecasts and make proposals to the Budget and Appropriations Committee;
  • Analyzing any bill submitted to the County Assembly which has economic and financial implication and giving relevant advice;
  • Preparation of analyses of specific issues, including risks posed by County Government policies and activities to guide the Assembly;
  • Proposing, where necessary, alternative fiscal framework in respect of any financial year;
  • Maintaining relevant statistics on the County Government’s public revenue and expenditure tendencies;
  • Advising the Finance, Budget and Appropriations Committee and other Sectoral Committees on all financial and economic matters relating to the County Government;
  • Scrutinizing all reports submitted by the County Treasury with a view to advising the County Assembly appropriately;