Contrary to popular belief, the County Assembly of Embu has helped Governor Martin Wambora’s administration as opposed to fighting him in the last four years, Speaker Kariuki Mate has said.

While delivering his last address to Ward Representatives as the legislature adjourned indefinitely in readiness for the August 8th General Elections, the Speaker said it was important for the electorate to understand that the Assembly has always passed legislation to provide legal framework for the County Executive to implement development projects.

Mate also observed that whereas several Governors in the 47 devolved counties of the republic of Kenya had suffered setbacks due to lack of capacity of their county assemblies, Governor Wambora had not faced any impediment resulting from lack of expertise by his MCAs to pass necessary laws to enable him perform his duties.

He however urged the Ward Reps to let members of the public know that the relationship between the Executive and Legislatures across the world definitely resulted to political attrition of various kinds due to oversight and checking of excess powers, but added that this did not mean one arm of government was fighting the other.

Mate restated that though the relationship between the Legislature and Executive was never a love affair, there have never been differences of a personal nature between individuals in the top leadership of the two institutions in their four-and-a-half year tenure.

Further, the Speaker lauded the first County Assembly as the envy of many other county legislatures in Kenya, saying that the milestones it had achieved would go down the annals of devolution history as an indelible mark in terms of the understanding of the roles of a devolved parliament.

Mate stated that the Embu Assembly was the hallmark of the independence of county legislatures for standing up to the County Executive and perform oversight, legislation and representation roles, and for standing the test of time through consistency in execution of its constitutional mandate.

He at the same time extolled MCAs for remaining focused throughout their tenure at the Assembly and not being cowed or coerced to bow to the pressure of the County Executive, but standing firm and insisting on strict adherence of the law in the course of delivering the devolution promise to the people of Embu.

The Speaker pointed out that the liaison between the County Assembly and the County Executive had been unquestionably professional as each arm performed its duties diligently as spelt out in the law. He therefore called upon the next lot of county legislators to be steadfast in the upholding of the Constitution of Kenya.