MCAs Warn Non-Performing County Officials

Press Release



PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE                                          30TH JUNE 2020



A section of Embu Ward Representatives is sounding the alarm over non-performing top county officials, saying they will not allow slackers at the County Executive to author their political deaths.

Led by Deputy Speaker Steve Simba, the MCAs raised the red flag over a group of nonperformers whom they said had formed the tendency of enjoying fat salaries, plus the comfort of posh County Government offices and vehicles at the expense of implementation of development.

The Runyenjes Central MCA asserted that no Ward Rep was ready to lose an elective seat because someone at the County Executive did not perform. While promising a gruesome battle with the said nonperformers in the 2020/2021 fiscal period, the Deputy Speaker said MCAs were likely to fire lazy officers before facing the electorate in the 2022 General Election.

Simba said the Assembly would be keen on the workings of the Embu Level Five Hospital and the Health Docket in general, at the same time urging Governor Martin Wambora to be pragmatic and show leadership whenever maladministration in the healthcare sector was unearthed. He said the health department was notorious for pilferage of public resources and hinted that the Legislature may freeze funding until corrupt officials are sacked.

On his part, Evurore MCA Duncan Mbui warned political henchmen who always accuse Ward Reps of fighting the Governor every time there are queries on poor implementation of projects to let the legislators exercise their mandate of ensuring checks and balances over the County Executive. He said MCAs would work extra hard to ensure public funds are not lost in shoddy infrastructural works.

Mbui lashed out at the slow pace of absorption of funds after the County Assembly passes the budget every year, saying idling from July to December and then rushing to implement projects from January to June was a detrimental culture that would no longer be condoned. He attributed rushed and often poor implementation of projects to this trend.

Ruguru-Ngandori MCA Muturi Mwombo gave a clarion call on his counterparts to remain steadfast and ensure that they conducted proper oversight on implementation of public projects. He also urged the Governor to be unwavering when cracking the whip on errant and nonperforming officers in his administration.

Additionally, Kyeni South MCA Salesio Kimaru sought to remind his colleagues that the eyes of the electorate were on then in the last stretch of the current County Assembly term. He therefore urged for extra caution and political expediency to ensure that the contribution of every Ward Rep towards development was felt on the ground.



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