MCAs Support One man One shilling Revenue Sharing Formula

Press Release

26TH JULY 2020


A section of Embu Ward Representatives has petitioned the Senate to adopt the county revenue allocation formula based on population as opposed to land mass to benefit the Kenyan citizenry.

Led by Deputy Speaker Steve Simba, the MCAs stated that the ‘one man, one shilling’ formula was more beneficial to majority of the counties which have a high population, adding that allocating funds per acreage amounted to wasting public finances on bushes and sand.

The Runyenjes Central MCA at the same time gave a clarion call to Embu Senator Njeru Ndwiga to support the formula on population, saying the electorate on the ground had overwhelmingly supported such calls since they stood to benefit immensely.

He sought to assert the position of both the Embu people and their elected representatives on the revenue sharing formula and urged Senator Ndwiga to agitate for its adoption while caucusing with his like-minded colleagues.

While stating that the Senate was letting counties down by dragging its feet on vital legislation, the Deputy Speaker observed that the new formula would guarantee Embu County an extra Ksh 500 Million that would go a long way in addressing the problems bedevilling the health, agriculture and infrastructure dockets.

Simba at the same time expressed his dissatisfaction with the failure by the Senate to enact the County Allocation of Revenue Act (CARA), saying most counties had passed budgets for the 2020/2021 Financial Year without knowing the exact amount of equitable share of revenue they would receive from the National Government.

Majority Leader Michael Njeru, who is also the MCA for Kithimu said the County Assembly had delayed the drafting, tabling and consideration of the county budget due to the delays on adoption of a new revenue sharing formula and passage of the revenue allocation law by the Senate.

In the same tone, Simba cautioned his counterparts against snubbing legislative business at the Assembly, observing that some of his colleagues had formed the tendency of making technical appearances at the debating chambers while other MCAs were engaged in important discourse.

Amid applause, the Deputy Speaker said solving the problems afflicting the residents of Embu County needed a high level of seriousness from their representatives. He added that it was reckless for leaders to adopt truant tendencies and later criticise the Assembly for failing to effectively address the pight of the people.



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