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Elected Ward Representatives in Embu County have accused Governor Martin Wambora of abdicating his development mandate back at home and over-concentrating on his Council of Governors chairmanship.

The MCAs have lamented that with only two months to the lapse of the 2020/2021 Financial Year, Ksh 1Billion set aside for development remains unspent. They pointed out that the National Government had so far released Ksh 700 Million for development projects while the county had collected revenue totaling to Ksh 300 Million for the same purpose.

In a statement read by Evurore MCA Duncan Mbui, the Ward Reps wondered why Wambora had prioritised construction of the Governor’s official residence and extension of his office complex at the expense of road rehabilitation, issuance of bursaries and stocking of county health facilities with basic drugs.

The MCAs stated that since election as the Chairman of the Council of Governors, Wambora abdicated his role of overseeing development in Embu and immediately relocated to Nairobi, leaving the leaders at the grassroots to bear the brunt of attacks from the electorate for failure to implement projects at the ward level.

While declaring their support for Wambora’s CoG chairmanship, the MCAs sought to caution that it was detrimental for him to appear to be too busy with his new engagement in Nairobi and forget that he has a responsibility to serve the people who elected him in Embu. They petitioned the Governor to return home and ensure development projects are kick started before the end of the current financial year.

In the same tone, the leaders warned Governor Wambora against what they termed as committing “political suicide” by being indifferent to the plight of his people even though he was serving his final term as Governor. The MCAs instead advised Wambora to endeavor to leave a lasting legacy by concentrating on development projects.

The statement that was signed by all the 20 elected MCAs demanded that all ward projects allocated monies in the county budget for the current fiscal period be implemented immediately. The leaders regretted that the county had not started any development project for the last 10 months despite having an approved budget.

The MCAs were also quick to clarify that though they had ordered the finance docket to ensure payment of the county’s pending bills, the County Assembly had not issued any directive to suspend the implementation of development projects.


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