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PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE                                             6TH DECEMBER 2019



An Embu Ward Representative has vowed to sue vandals wantonly destroying roads in the pretext of protesting against the poor state of infrastructure in the county.

Mbeti North MCA Peter Murithi swore to take legal action against a group he termed as hirelings of his political detractors who have been digging trenches on roads and planting banana stems ostensibly to compel him to rehabilitate the transport network in his ward.

The MCA sought to inform the destructive protestors that the Traffic Act Chapter 403 Cap. 38 of 1968, revised in 2012 prohibits any individual from interfering with road infrastructure unless they are working for authorised maintenance agencies. He therefore declared that the vandals had broken the law stated that he would be moving to court to sue them for malicious damage to public property.

Deputy Minority Leader Newton Kariuki warned against politicising the problem of impassability of roads caused by heavy rains, noting that the entire country was grappling with bad roads due to the unusual amount of rainfall being experienced for the last few weeks. He said it was foolhardy for aspiring politicians to hope to gain political mileage by vandalising the same roads that they use.

Kyeni South MCA Salesio Kimaru echoed the sentiments by pointing out that the heavy rains that have pounded the region had wreaked havoc on all roads in the county. He however reaffirmed the commitment of his counterparts to grade and murram them once the current rainy season comes to an end. The Ward Rep also urged the County Government to avail funds for emergency road repairs.

In the same breath, Nominated MCA Bernard Kandia termed the destruction of roads by protestors he said were mobilised by people with political ambitions as witch-hunt. He added that no all-weather road was spared by the torrential rains pounding the county and said no maintenance works were possible with the ongoing rains. He therefore said the destruction was based on political mischief.

Nominated MCA Rose Kinyua observed that planting bananas on the roads that are said to be in bad condition was not the solution because such activities left the roads in worse conditions than they were initially. She advised the vandals to bear with the situation until the rains subside and ask their elected representatives to repair the roads at that time.


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