Embu Assembly in a Special Sitting

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Embu Ward Representatives have unanimously approved a Ksh 6.4 Billion county budget for the 2020/2021 Financial year in a special sitting.

The aggregate revenue from the budget estimates as submitted to the Assembly by Deputy Speaker Steve Simba is ksh. 6,464,658,318. This comprises of Ksh 998,058,318 conditional grants and loans whos expenditure were not well aligned to with the County Allocation of Revenue, Bill 2020 and approved County Fiscal Strategy Paper,2020.

The MCAs outlined revenue sources to fund the budget, with equitable Share of revenue from the National Government of Ksh 4,557,600,000, conditional grant to the Embu Level Five Hospital of Ksh. 301,040,462, another Conditional Allocation for Development of Youth Polytechnics of Ksh 34,249,894.

The county budget also contains a conditional grant for compensation for user fees forgone of Ksh 10,724,225 and another conditional grant for leasing of medical equipment of Ksh 132,021,277.

The county will also benefit from an extra conditional grant for road maintenance fuel levy fund Ksh 135,839,025, a World Bank loan christened: Transforming Health System for Universal Care Project (THSUCP) of Ksh 112,736,973/- plus another World Bank loan -Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project of Ksh 202,094,150.

The World Bank has also loaned the county through the Kenya Devolution Support Programme (KDSP)-Level One Ksh 45,000,000, while the Sweden- Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) will fund the county to the tune of Ksh 12,112,312/- the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) will offer a grant of Ksh.12,240,000/- for Universal Healthcare in Devolved System Program.

Local revenue sources will account for Ksh 516,110,000 from local taxes while Ksh 392,890,000/- is expected to be collected from Ministerial Appropriation in Aid (AiA) through the County Government departments.

While moving the motion for adoption by his counterparts, Simba, who is also the Runyenjes Central MCA said the Assembly decided to draft a budget and seek for its approval despite the Senate having not agreed on a formula for sharing the National Revenue and passing the County Allocation of Revenue Act for the current Financial Year.

The MCAs who strictly observed social and physical distancing at the County Assembly chambers acknowledged having delayed the passage of the budget due to inconveniences caused by the Corona virus pandemic which made it impossible for them to convene to scrutinize the estimates forwarded by the County Executive.

The legislature will now publish a gazette notice for the County Appropriation Bill and have it assented by Governor Martin Wambora after being debated at the August House for the budget to become law.


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