Office of the Deputy Speaker

Office of the Deputy Speaker

HON. Steve Munene Mugendi The Deputy Speaker MCA RUNYENJES CENTRAL
HON. Steve Munene Mugendi.  DEPUTY SPEAKER

Section 178(2) of The Constitution of Kenya, 2012 states that: A sitting of the county assembly shall be presided over by:-

  • The Speaker of the assembly; or
  • In the absence of the speaker, another member of the assembly elected by the assembly.

Section 106 (1) (b): There shall be a Deputy Speaker for each House of Parliament, who shall be elected by that House in accordance with the Standing Orders, from among the members of that House.

Further, the County Government (Amendments) Bill, 2014, proposed to create this office expressly in the Act.

At the beginning of each Assembly, the house also elects a member to the position of Deputy Speaker, proceeding in the same manner as for the election of the speaker.

The Deputy Speaker is also the chairman of committees when the Speaker chooses not to chair the committee.

The Deputy Speaker is ordinarily the chairperson of committees of the Whole House and shall preside over committees of the Whole House;

The Deputy Speaker deputises the speaker and assists in ensuring the dignity of the Assembly is upheld, its rights and privileges are not abused and generally assists in the interpretation and application of the practices and procedures of parliament at all times.