Finance And Accounts


County Assembly of Embu Finance and Accounts Department is a department under the Directorate of Finance and Accounts Services. The departmental staff establishment headed by Principal Finance Accounts Officer. The department is further divided in to two section; Finance which hosts Senior Finance Officer, Liaison Officer and Finance Officers. The other section is the Accounts which hosts Senior Accountant, Accountant and Accounts Assistants. Finance Management functions entails budgetary matters; processing of annual and revised estimates; Advise on issues of Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE); expenditure forecasts and monitoring; prioritization of projects and activities for the purpose of financial allocations in the budget; oversight of commitment of funds and expenditure trends; budget monitoring and reporting, reallocations within budget; and, the overall financial management and control of voted funds; among others. Whereas the Accounting function entails; providing data for use in financial management; functional control of accounting staff within the Unit including Training and Development; management and development of the accounting system including issue of accounting instructions; maintaining an effective internal control system; and advising the Clerk on financial and accounting matters. The function further entails; preparation of Annual Accounts, replying to Audit queries, developing briefing for the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), follow-up actions on PAC recommendations and any other related matters.

The ward liaison office is charged with the coordination of ward activities which include; the management, use and reimbursement of ward office operation expenses. Identification, valuation, maintenance and preparation of ward office rent. The ward liaison office is also further charged with the responsibility of safeguarding of ward office assets as well as coordination and planning of public participation activities within the various wards.