(a) investigate, inquire into, and report on all matters relating to the mandate, management, activities, administration, operations and estimates of the assigned departments;

(b) study the programme and policy objectives of departments and the effectiveness of the implementation;

(c) study and review all County legislation referred to it;

(d) study, assess and analyse the relative success of the departments as measured by the results obtained as compared with their stated objectives;

(e) investigate and inquire into all matters relating to the assigned departments as they may deem necessary, and as may be referred to them by the County Assembly;

(f) to vet and report on all appointments where the Constitution or any law requires the County Assembly to approve, except those under Standing Order 198 (Committee on Appointments) ; and

(g) make reports and recommendations to the County Assembly as often as possible, including recommendation of proposed legislation.



1. Hon. Peter Murithi Nyaga Chairperson
2 Hon. Newton Kariuki Ndwiga V/Chairperson
3. Hon. Elizabeth Ndeleve Kibai Member
4. Hon. Murithi Njagi Kiura Member
5. Hon. Benard Nyaga Kandia Member
6. Hon. Edith Wanjira Nyaga Member
7 Hon. Terry C. Wanja Mbuchi Member