Directorate of Legislative Procedures and Committee Services



  • Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities at this level will entail:-

 Planning and co-ordinating functions and operations of Departments within the Clerk’s Chambers, namely:  the Legislative, Procedural and the Table Office; The Committee Services;  Hansard; serjeant at arms.

  • Protocol and Conferences Office; County Assembly Organizations and Exchange Programs; Journals Office; and Administrative Duties;
  • Assist the Clerk in offering advice on procedure and practice to the Speaker, other Presiding Officers and Members of County Assembly, the Clerk and staff of the county Assembly.
  • Member, County Assembly Management and Staff advisory Committee.


Key Result Areas (Within Section)

  1. Procedure : County Assembly procedure, practice, conventions, tradition  and etiquette
  2. Research : Search for fresh information / facts by consulting appropriate sources like documents or persons
  3. Committees : Offering administrative services to various types of County Assembly committees including the CASB
  4. Conferences : Activities pertaining to seminars and conferences for members of County Assembly and staff
  5. Journals and publications; Managing county Assembly journals and publications; Coordination of computerization efforts in the County Assembly; media coverage etc
  6. Protocol: Public relations activities including school visits to the Assembly