Management Advisory Committee (MAC)

The mandate of the committee is to provide advisory to the accounting officer and the County Assembly Service Board on the following areas;

  1. Provision of services and facilities to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the County Assembly.
  2. Constituting offices in the County Assembly Service, appointing and supervising office holders.
  3. Preparation of annual estimates.
  4. Programmes to promote the ideas of parliamentary democracy; and performing other functions necessary for the well being of the members and staff of the County Assembly.
  5. Internal audit reports
  6. Recruitment, selection and appointment.
  7. Performance management
  8. Promotions and re-designations
  9. Confirmation in appointment
  10. Training and development
  11. Establishment and complement control.
  12. Recommendations on renewal of contracts.
  13. Discipline management
  14. Any other function prescribed by national legislation.